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the profit of wooden doors is in the market rather than in the factory. Many wooden door dealers can't understand this relationship. They fantasize that their agents have strong brands, explosive advertisements, low prices, good policies, high rebates, more gifts and less after-sales. These are the dreams of some bosses who want to be open. Such dealers and wooden door manufacturers also don't like it. In this changing market competition, we need to recognize ourselves and control the overall situation. Today, Gu Yueju Mumen listed some differences between successful agents and failed agents. You can compare what type you belong to, so that you can introspect and find your own way of market operation

analysis of failed agents:

1. Support relying on the manufacturer

I will purchase goods if the manufacturer supports me, I will not purchase goods if the manufacturer supports me, I will do activities if the manufacturer supports me, I will not do activities if the manufacturer does not support me, I will find a salesperson if the manufacturer supports me, I will run if the manufacturer supports me, and I will not run if the manufacturer does not support me. Dependence is his key word

2. After sales incompetent type:

he has no professional after-sales personnel. The most important thing is that he doesn't understand after-sales at all and is unwilling to contract after-sales to others. For him, a little bit of a small problem can become a big problem. He often blames the manufacturer for its quality defects, poor quality, cracks and bumps, and says that the manufacturer has a quality problem, and he is not willing to repair it himself. Complain a lot all day

3. Pie in the sky:

sit in the store all day and go to and from work like an urban white-collar, don't know how the market changes, sell two bedrooms and be complacent for a week, watch boring videos and news in front of the computer landlords all day, and always think that one day when the brand is famous, you can make money yourself. In fact, he doesn't know that brands need to be accumulated, and success needs to be accumulated

4. Complain about the lack of market type:

what he often says in his mouth is that the market is bad now. The business in these two years is not as good as that in the previous two years. It rained today and there is no one. Now there is no one in the busy farming season, it is hot at noon, and there are few people at night. In his mouth, there are negative, decadent and lazy language signals every day. Only know oneself sigh, do not know to explore the market trajectory

5. Procrastination:

doing everything is slow in 3 beats. It takes half a month to choose a brand, and it takes about 10 people to discuss. It takes a long time to retreat from business, to do activities, and to recruit staff. It also says that I am carefully investigating the market and employees, and I don't want to waste a penny. In fact, they are all making excuses for themselves

6. The center of gravity has shifted:

has found new lovers and pursued new stimulation and goals. In his heart, he always believes that the problem of not doing well in the market is definitely not the problem of the market, not his own ability, but the problem of not choosing a good brand, so one thing he must do every year is to choose a new brand. These wasted resources are repeated every year

7. Speaking without practicing:

we will find that some customers are very good at speaking. One set sounds really correct, and it is also very logical and common sense. They have said it many times and for many years, but there is really not much practice. Even if they take action, they just stop tentatively at a hair. There is no effect, but you find that he is still talking there

8. Ultra low price complex type:

many of them have been experienced through miscellaneous brands and low-end brands. They are more sensitive to price than everyone. As long as you set the price, he will think it is very high, because in his mind, as long as it is cheap, it is easy to sell. But let's think that if we multiply it by 2 as the sales profit, then where is the profit for us to enter a 3-4000 panel furniture and a 20000 yuan solid wood furniture

9. Disordered thinking:

in fact, he doesn't even have disordered thinking. Instead, he follows the market, wanders around the world, or hears something and secretly records it and comes back to practice. In the process, he doesn't need to negotiate with others. Work hard alone. What he needs is to communicate with more people and truly understand the needs of customers

analysis of successful agents:

1. Build a sales team:

first class dealers build a team, expand the scale, second-class dealers do marketing, engage in strategies, and third-class dealers sell products and compete for prices. He pays great attention to the cultivation and use of talents and boldly introduces talents. I don't care about the loss of short-term interests, let alone the fact that employees' wages exceed their relatives

2. Clear target progress type:

he clearly knows the market, progress, time and method he wants. And effectively through some feasible measures to achieve their own goals and implementation plans. He gradually broke down the big goal into countless small goals and broke them one by one

3. Continuous activity type:

160 customers. Each customer does activities twice a year, which means that he has one activity to do every day. The time of some house prices in the channel is basically that his market has customer activities every day. Although it has been paralyzed, customers are new every time, because the place of doing activities has changed, and he has formed an ecological chain of his business

4. Pay attention to the image of the store:

he is particularly sensitive to the door head, image wall and exhibition frame. He will not let go of some small details if they make mistakes. He must meet his own requirements and is a perfectionist. He not only pays attention to his store decoration image, but also pays more attention to the image of channel agents. Such customers have no reason to fail in the market

5. After sales self solving type:

equipped with professional after-sales service personnel, a professional parts warehouse, common parts are placed on the designated shelf, a little bit of small problems can be solved by yourself, big problems can be solved by yourself, finding a skilled maintenance master can repair the products, and often communicate effectively with the manufacturer's engineers

6. Know the type of profit:

don't care about the height of the overall sales volume, but pay more attention to the source of profit. I'm always afraid that there is no money in the account after a year. He knows where his profit source is

7. Support with constancy:

he doesn't give up the choice he makes. He will cooperate with you for 2, 5, or more than 10 years. He will follow you wherever you do. He actually supports a person. He will continue to support and track you

8. Unknown power type:

seldom heard his information, but he did a good job. He can achieve the basic sales task every year, and many small problems can be solved by himself. And the big problem is not a problem in his eyes, and it can be solved

I hope that after reading the above points, dealers will not have the idea of falling pie in the sky. Behind every success is hard work. I hope the above points mentioned by Gu Yueju Mumen can help you. Thank you

Gu Yueju wooden door has been far ahead in sales for eight consecutive years! Call the wealth hotline immediately: 0579-87258166, looking forward to opening the road of wealth with you





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