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When the bedroom wardrobe meets the TV cabinet, what kind of sparks will happen? Not only beautiful, but also practical, so that your home storage increases again

what kind of sparks will happen when the bedroom wardrobe meets the TV cabinet

it's not only beautiful, but also practical, making the storage of your home rise again

the combination of wardrobe into the wall + sliding door design, super space saving, even if there is no TV, collect books, and occasionally put some decorations, it will be very practical

the wardrobe extends to the top to increase more storage space. If you often like to classify, the design of the TV cabinet can also store many things, and the upper laminate shape is also very practical

the wardrobe can be added not only to the TV cabinet, but also to the desk cabinet/dresser. As long as the space is large enough, more combinations can be made

the TV area is designed with partitions, which is good for placing books or handicrafts. There are drawers and door closets below, which can be reasonably stored to create a clean and tidy home environment

if the owner's space is large enough, you can set up as many lockers as possible, so that the owner's items can be placed more conveniently, and the type can completely accommodate a lot of clothes

the wardrobe has also achieved a high degree of unity by adding TV cabinets and dressers. A cabinet with a front wall makes the space richer and better. Why worry about having nowhere to store it





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