Shine on your rich road, the 2014 dealer training

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A dealer will encounter many difficulties in doing business alone, such as lack of understanding of product knowledge, inappropriate operation mode, omissions in management mode, insufficient publicity and promotion, etc. in the long run, he can only rely on his own blind exploration and chance, and the efficiency is really too low. The comprehensive business ability of dealers is closely related to the terminal service ability of brands

Fengcheng Dina has always focused on growing together with dealers in order to improve the overall sales operation and management ability of dealers' terminal stores. From October 25 to 28, 2014, a three-day comprehensive knowledge training was carried out for dealers. The course covers: Fengcheng Dina brand concept, knowledge of different wood species, product technology, whole wood home decoration space design, how store designers measure, how installers install products correctly, etc. the training course covers the whole process of franchise store operation before, during and after sales

the first-line excellent salespersons, designers, store managers and senior managers from dealers all over the country participated in the training. In order to make every student who comes to study well understand and operate in future practice. Lecturers with many years of working experience in the corresponding fields of Fengcheng Dina are invited for each course. It is particularly worth mentioning that Huang Changhu, the production director of Fengcheng Dina, and Liu Baoshan, the marketing director, took the time to give lectures in person to explain the product process and sales management skills. Through the production process visit and the actual practice of sales and service sites, they explained their professional knowledge in depth and in simple terms with rich work experience. So that the students can quickly master the product knowledge and sales selling points of Fengcheng Dina. At the same time, I analyzed the general market environment for you, shared some of my own experiences, sought truth from facts, and without hesitation pointed out the problems encountered by merchants in the general environment of whole wood home decoration, and everyone also talked about some countermeasures

the dealer trainees who participated in the training were very serious and actively participated in the interaction during the training process, and said that dealers across the country stood together with Fengcheng Dina to face and meet the challenges together. After the training, all dealers and students benefited a lot. They not only learned a lot of practical knowledge, but also gained many friends. They all hope to have more training like this in the future

Fengcheng Dina has always believed that the dealer is a friend of the brand for long-term cooperation and a win-win and mutually beneficial relationship. In recent years, with the development of brands, the efforts to support dealers have continued to increase, and the training of dealers has become more systematic and professional. We hope to build dealers into versatile talents proficient in marketing, marketing, technology, maintenance, service and so on, so as to better serve consumers

now it is not only children who want to win at the starting line, but also dealers who want to become rich in business should take a big step ahead of others at the starting line in order to develop brilliantly on the road to wealth. The five advantages of Fengcheng Dina ensure that dealers can move faster and operate without worry

I. advantages of the overall design team

Fengcheng Dina has focused on log integrated furniture for more than ten years. While providing log integrated furniture design and production for all countries in the world, it has also cultivated a group of log integrated furniture designers who are proficient in various styles. Meet the different styles and personality design needs of different customers

II. Product scale advantage

Fengcheng Dina has established a strategic partnership with the international log group. The scale advantage not only ensures the quality and price of Fengcheng Dina's main materials, but also ensures the quality and price of Fengcheng Dina's log furniture accessories. Fengcheng Dina's customized log products cover the whole cabinet, the whole wardrobe, the cloakroom, the whole study bookcase, the whole wine cellar, the log dado board, the ceiling, the log door, the screen, the flower window lattice, the rosewood furniture and other products

III. advantages of ultra-high quality

Fengcheng Dina adopts international standards higher than domestic standards, eliminating users' concerns about potential safety hazards of furniture materials. Fengcheng Dina's products have already broken through the low level of safety and credibility, and have risen to the high standard of green, environmental protection and low carbon

IV. process production advantages

Fengcheng Dina has introduced the most advanced wood products production line and wood processing equipment in China. Fengcheng Dina has the largest cooking and drying furnace in China, and has reached the leading industry in log deformation resistance, moisture resistance and drying resistance treatment

v. professional service advantages

Fengcheng Dina provides professional and high-quality services, free design before sale, professional team follow-up during sale, lifelong maintenance after sale, and promises to guarantee the product for one year and three years, so as to ensure that consumers can buy it at ease, use it comfortably, and have a great reputation among consumers

in addition to its own advantages, Fengcheng Dina has its own dealer support policies

1. Three "free" support: free store design, free site selection, free sample guidance and installation

2. Advertising media support: terminal rebate policy, as well as support for professional websites, portal websites, local mainstream newspapers and local advertising expenses

3. Activity publicity planning support: opening activities, promotional activities planning support

4. Material support: unified VI, various forms of terminal publicity, material box decoration, sample support

5. Training support: provide store management manuals, shopping guide training manuals and other training materials, and organize personnel training

6. Market protection: unified agency price across the country, flat channel operation, one agency per place, to ensure the monopoly of regional operation

the relationship between enterprise brand and dealers is inseparable. With good partners, we can better realize the dream of becoming rich. The road is full of difficulties and sweat, and for Fengcheng Dina brand, dealers are good partners to grow together. Fengcheng Dina is willing to do a bright light on Zhifu road and grow together with good partners





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