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The raw wood door industry in 2016 suffered a lot. First, the real estate market turmoil affected sales, then the price war caused by raw materials, coupled with the shortage of industry market funds, investment difficulties and other factors, directly led to the poor profits and difficulties of the raw wood door industry in 2016. However, in troubled times, the door enterprises have to face more than this. Some door enterprises also have to accept the doubts of consumers and deal with the ensuing "complaint door"

as an emerging industry in traditional furniture, China's raw wood door industry has developed rapidly in recent years, with great market demand at home and abroad. However, the development of the log door industry was not smooth sailing. The log door industry in 2014 suffered a lot. First, the real estate market turmoil affected sales, then the price war caused by raw materials, coupled with the industry market capital shortage, investment difficulties and other factors, directly led to the poor profitability of the log door industry in 2014, which was full of difficulties. However, in times of trouble, the door enterprises have to face more than this. Some door enterprises also have to accept the doubts of consumers and deal with the ensuing “ Complaint door &rdquo

in the past year, there have been many complaints about the log door industry, a few of which were caused by the immature development of the industry, and most of which were attributed to the door enterprises themselves. Long delivery time, difficult quality assurance and inadequate service are the aspects often mentioned by the complainants of raw wood doors, which also precisely reflect the problems highlighted in the rapid development of China's log door industry

there is a lack of standardization in the industry as a whole

standardization aims to promote scale effect. From the perspective of the industry, scale production is bound to promote the sustainable development of enterprises. In recent years, the raw wood door industry in China has developed rapidly. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 3500 enterprises are engaged in the production of raw wood door products. However, due to the inconsistent size of the door opening of commercial housing in China, the raw wood door must be customized, which has become a major bottleneck restricting the large-scale development of the log door industry. At the same time, due to completely customized factors, the delivery cycle of customers is relatively long, and a series of problems derived from this often make enterprises and customers miserable

“ Customizing raw wood doors is like tailoring, with long cycle and small output, which seriously hinders industrial upgrading. The standardization of raw wood door products has become an urgent problem in the industry& rdquo; The relevant person in charge of China Forest Products Industry Association said

quality problems occur frequently, and enterprises are to blame.

due to the low entry threshold of the raw wood door industry, the brands are messy, and the good and the bad are intermingled, which leads to the chaos of imitation, shoddy work, shoddy goods and so on in the raw wood door market. In order to make huge profits, some enterprises fought a price war, and then deliberately saved costs in post production, cut corners on work and materials, and did not produce according to standards. The lower the price of these products, the less guaranteed the quality

for this phenomenon, a few well-known brands of raw wood doors have their own insights. Wang Zong, the head of liuxiyuan yuanmumen, the leading brand of domestic yuanmumen, believes that this practice is actually irresponsible to itself and an act of overdrawing the brand reputation& ldquo; Even if it benefits in the short term, this way is cheating, and the enterprise will not survive for a long time& rdquo;

in fact, the ups and downs of other industries have inspired president Wang a lot, and also made him have his own set of principles when managing liuxiyuan yuanmu door &mdash& mdash; Products are fundamental. When some manufacturers still pretend to use finger jointed solid wood doors as raw wood doors, liuxiyuan raw wood doors insist on using logs as the base material and carving the whole wood. And the raw wood is imported precious logs, not inferior. In post production, liuxiyuan raw wood door has set up a special health preservation reserve room to preserve, degrease, soften fiber and dry the substrate to avoid post fission. In the production, the enterprise is also carefully carved, through 9 core processes and 128 processes. According to the reporter, the raw wood door of liuxiyuan has been meticulous from the material to the finished product. Even if the investment is large, it has made a great contribution to the long-term development of the enterprise

the service is not up to standard

with the gradual increase in the sales of raw wood doors, the following after-sales complaints also rise in a straight line. Poor after-sales service, poor after-sales attitude and problems that cannot be solved in time have become the focus of complaints

recently, a netizen posted a post on the home forum complaining about the extremely poor service of a raw wood door brand, saying that the staff didn't say the door-to-door time was delayed, their attitude was also quite arrogant, the installation was also a continuous problem, and the complaint company repeatedly passed the buck and didn't take any measures

insiders believe that the first step for enterprises to do a good job in service is to provide comprehensive and professional training for shopping guides. Employees are not only individuals, but also enterprises. They are closely related to corporate image

ignoring anti-counterfeiting measures

nowadays, the proliferation of shanzhais in the original wooden door market is mostly due to the plagiarists themselves, while a small part is related to the defense of the enterprise itself. Most brands' innovative products have been plagiarized due to inadequate anti-counterfeiting work, which greatly affects the interests of enterprises and consumers

a consumer of liuxiyuan yuanmu door told the reporter: “ I bought a set of wooden doors before. When I went back, I found it was high imitation, and the anti-counterfeiting logo was also fake. I complained that there was no door, and it broke after a few years of use. The products of liuxiyuan wooden door bought this time have two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting marks. You can know the result by scanning it. It is relatively reliable, and there is product information on it, which is very reassuring& rdquo;

“ A good enterprise should know both attack and defense& rdquo; The relevant staff of the national anti-counterfeiting inquiry center commented on this phenomenon. For the current raw wood door market, strong defense is also called attack

there are many reasons for customer complaints, in short, the enterprise did not do well. Therefore, some experts believe that only by paying fundamental attention to the rights and interests of consumers can enterprises truly protect the rights and interests of consumers from damage





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