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Many people are worried about the decoration before the Spring Festival: on the one hand, various problems will be encountered in winter decoration, on the other hand, the impact of New Year decoration on construction quality. But experts tell you: as long as you do four things well in the New Year decoration, you can save a lot of trouble. There is no need to "talk about the color change in the new year" in the decoration

many people are worried about the decoration before the Spring Festival: on the one hand, various problems will be encountered in the decoration in winter, on the other hand, the impact of the New Year decoration on the construction quality. But experts tell you: as long as you do four things well in the New Year decoration, you can save a lot of trouble, and the decoration is completely unnecessary “ Talk about the color change in the year &rdquo

there are indeed many details of the New Year decoration that need to be carefully discussed. Not only will the construction period be appropriately extended because of the new year, but also the estimated work rate of workers will be affected. The error of one detail will also affect the whole process. If you want to make your new year decoration smooth, it is also very necessary to do a lot of planning work before the holiday

pre Festival design · Plan ahead

the decoration before the festival not only avoids the peak period of rush work before the new year, but also ensures that the project management work is more meticulous and in place, and managers have more opportunities to select better construction workers. From the perspective of design, decoration designers will have more time to communicate with customers and conceive schemes. According to the relevant personnel of Dongyirisheng, generally speaking, it takes at least two weeks from communicating with the designer to determining the design scheme. At this time, the amount of orders received by the designer is reduced, and the energy is relatively sufficient. The owner can use the opportunity that the business of the home decoration company was not busy years ago to fully communicate with the designer. Therefore, the decoration design before the festival is easy to produce high-quality products. If you plan to decorate after the Spring Festival, you'd better use the time before the Spring Festival to finalize the plan with the designer, so that the construction can be carried out after the Spring Festival

decoration materials save more money

cross year decoration, which is more adequate in material preparation and saves more money. At the end of the year, many building materials manufacturers discounted most of their goods in order to clear their inventories. Home decoration consumers can use this opportunity to determine the brand, model, price, color, shape, etc. of main materials in the building materials market, which can not only save a lot of money, but also know which furniture you want by the way. In this way, there is no need to spend time and again on material selection during the construction of the Spring Festival

intermittent construction has many advantages

many consumers think that the construction during the Spring Festival will be stopped for a period of time anyway, which is too troublesome. In fact, this intermittent construction has many benefits. First of all, the indoor is dry and the temperature is also suitable for decoration. Now the possibility of problems in construction will be reduced compared with that in spring and summer. Secondly, because the decoration is first done in the water and electricity and woodworking parts, the woodworking project is completed before the festival and placed for about 20 days, which helps to expose hidden problems, such as material expansion and deformation. Painting after the Spring Festival will reduce the possibility of deformation. Just adjust the problem and the construction can be carried out quickly

follow up work should be done well

cross spring festival decoration. Due to the holiday, the decoration time is longer, and it is best to complete it before the Spring Festival. If it is too late, we should take some measures to check materials and prevent fire and theft, so that it can start work smoothly after the holiday

before the holiday, both parties should confirm how many tiles, wood and paint are left when the workers leave, and then close the door. Unfinished wood and unused wood shall be sealed with oil to prevent drying and cracking. The solid wood lines shall be bundled and placed, and the plates and the doors not installed shall be placed horizontally to avoid deformation

the paint and thinner in Kaifeng should be taken away as far as possible, because these are inflammables, and the possibility of fire should be minimized. If it is inconvenient to take them away, you can put them in the corner of the balcony and pay attention to antifreeze. Try not to accumulate sundries at the construction site, and clean up the project garbage at any time to avoid potential fire hazards

close the main gate of water, electricity and gas. If the workers change the waterway and stop there halfway, necessary treatment should be done when starting work next year to avoid leakage. Exposed wire ends must be wrapped with adhesive tape to prevent accidental electric shock. Wood needs to be dried in the shade. In order to prevent the deformation and cracking of the finished wood decoration, the house needs to be closed for a few days, and the wood should be ventilated after drying in the shade

summary: after reading so many relevant materials about the New Year decoration, everyone also has a deeper understanding of the New Year decoration. If your decoration period also happens to encounter the new year situation, you might as well do most of the preparatory work according to the suggestions in the article. Only in this way can the efficiency of the whole decoration be improved




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